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Sur la route...

Création 2009 | Available
« How can I continue to live as a physical performer with an injured body ? Where is my place ? I know that it exists. I don't want to expose my injured body, I want to make it dance. I want to make it exist in its new and different beauty. I want to invent the strange language of my new body.
All my life, I have pushed my limits even further, I find on track, on stage, an energy, a strength that only exists at that moment. With my body as it is today, I still continue to surpass myself to experience strong emotions and share them with the spectators. I still feel that I am a "circus man"...The characters Oedipus and Antigone will enable me to surpass my own story, as well as symbolizing these extraordinary forces that have carried me for all these years. At the heart of this relationship, On the road..., free interpretation of the novel Oedipus on the road by Henry Bauchau, is questioned the connection with otherness. My reflection does not concentrate on Oedipus' tragedy or his modern myth but on his personal journey in which a man faces the darkness that he holds in him. A woman imposes herself in this journey, she knows that they need one another to get through it. »
Antoine Rigot
"Sur la route… is a dialogue of bodies between an injured man and a
tight-rope female walker. Their duet is a balance choreography."

Dates of the show

Currently, there is no new date for this show.\For more information about the next dates or if you are interested in this show, please contact us.

Casting :

With : Sanja Kosonen et Antoine Rigot
Design/conception and direction : Antoine Rigot assisted by Cécile Kohen
Choreography : Sanja Kosonen
Dramaturgy : Cécile Kohen
Sound designer and Sound producer : Stéphane Comon
Light creator and light producer : Thomas Bourreau
Costumes : Florie Bel
Scenography : Antoine Rigot, Patrick Vindimian
Construction : Sylvain Georget, Patrick Vindimian
Technical direction : Nicolas Legendre
Production/Distribution : Sébastien Lhommeau
Production/Administration : Fanny Du Pasquier

Extraits musicaux
"Harmonic cross sweepovertones" d’Ellen Fullman
Violoncello, Anthony Leroy

Partners :

Production : Les Colporteurs

Coproductions : Les Subsistances, Laboratoire International de création artistique de Lyon ● Le Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg ● Le Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf, centre des arts du cirque de Haute-Normandie ● Equinoxe, scène nationale de Châteauroux ● La Ferme du Buisson, scène nationale de Marne-la-Vallée ● Bonlieu, scène nationale d’Annecy ● Le Carré Magique, Scène conventionnée de Lannion-Trégor ● Académie Fratellini, Saint-Denis ● Le Cirque Jules Verne, Amiens.With the support of : La Fonderie, Le Mans ● Lieux Publics et CREAC de Marseille ● La Cascade, Bourg-St-Andéol ● Ministère de Culture et de la Communication DMDTS.