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Coeurs Sauvages

Creation 2022 | On tour

With a view of the world we live in, we wish to go forth and meet our animal nature,our wild, instinctive feelings; reconnect with a finer ability to tune in to others, to our environment.
With the ever evolving technological sophistication of our society, our way of life is driving us further and further from our natural environment; today more than ever, the need to reaffirm our connection to the “living” has become essential.
The space between all the forms of life is filled with vibrations, by which emotions travel...These vibrations vary in density. If we seek to, we can sense them. It is through the perception of these vibrations that an animal can situate the emotional state of a human being before him.
Since the beginning of our evolution, human kind has grown progressively more detached from the «living». The ability to think with our “extraordinary” brains has made it possible for us to flourish, but has also driven us away from our instinct, our intuition. Our awareness of other forms of life has gradually dimmed, we have nothing left to fear, we’ve developed “comfort”, “safety”...
Animals still use their senses acutely in order to understand the world and promote their survival, attention to vibrations that surround them guides their path forward; when we observe them, they fascinate us by their beauty and the intelligence of their behaviour. Thanks to the work of ethologists, we know today that animals are capable of empathy...
This spaces between, this where we wish to explore, to loosen our mental thought process, free our spiritual reflection, connect toour animality, our emotional and instinct sensations, and to convey this animality through circus and musical expression.

«In a world cohabited, circus and music seek to explore human animality; our original instinct, our perception of those primal vibrations where emotions intermingle.

Solitarily or in packs, the protagonists explore the bases of survival; foraging for nourishment for body and spirit, the preservation and continuity of the species, so many challenges in the face of death...»

Creation from 12 to 17 July 2022 at the Alba-la-Romaine festival.

Dates of the show

Currently, there is no new date for this show.\For more information about the next dates or if you are interested in this show, please contact us.

Casting :

7 circus artists (high wire, pole and hanging apparatus...): Valentino Martinetti, Manuel Martinez Silva, Riccardo Pedri, Anniina Peltovako, Molly Saudek, Laurence Tremblay-Vu, Marie Tribouilloy
3 musicians (violin, guitar, double bass, voice, electroacoustic instruments): Damien Levasseur-Fortin, Coline Rigot, Tiziano Scali

Conception, writing and direction: Antoine Rigot, Agathe Olivier
Choreographic collaboration: Molly Saudek
Musical composition: Damien Levasseur-Fortin, Coline Rigot, Tiziano Scali
Scenography: Antoine Rigot, Patrick Vindimian
Costumes: Hanna Sjodin
Technical director: Pierre-Yves Chouin
Production, administration: Fanny Du Pasquier
Production, booking: Natacha Ferrer
Communication: Océane Tiffon

Partners :

Production: Les Colporteurs
Coproduction: Le Volcan – Scène nationale du Havre, avec le soutien de la Communauté Urbaine du Havre Seine Métropole • L’Azimut - Pôle National Cirque en Île-de-France, Antony Châtenay-Malabry • La Villette, Paris • Archaos, Pôle National Cirque, Marseille • La Cascade, Pôle National Cirque d’Ardèche AURA, Bourg-St-Andéol.
Residence: La Cascade, PNC d’Ardèche AURA • L’Azimut – PNC d’Ile de France • Le Havre Seine Métropole.
Cœurs Sauvages has benefited from the support of the Ministry of Culture in terms of creative assistance, and from the vocational integration support system of the CNAC, Centre National des Arts du Cirque.
With the support of the Fund SACD Musique de Scène