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The Circus Tent (show)

Photo chapiteau spectacle
Photo chapiteau spectacle

Our circus tent was built in 1997, it is circular with 4 poles.
Outside colours : sand and champagne
Inside color : vinous

Its first specificity is its 9.90 m high round-shaped dome with an 8.5 m diameter, which offers an unusual air space.

It is equipped with 7 round-shaped rows of seats, with a 500 seat capacity (depending on the shows) whose important slope offers great comfort to watch the shows. 8 seats for disabled people available.

Finally, the awning surrounding offers sheltered circulation for the public, behind the seats, and contributes to the specific shape of our tent.

Technical sheets and drawings are available here

technical elements

  • Ground area : 660m2
  • Security perimeter : 38m diameter
  • Pole height : 12.5 m / Dome height : 15m / Side pole height : 4m
  • Distance between 2 poles : 8m / Diagonal between poles : 12m
  • Size : round-shaped 23m + surrounding awning (3m wide), i.e. 29 m diameter overall.
  • We are completely independent concerning the safety and security conditions necessary to welcome an audience : emergency exit spots, fire extinguishers, a megaphone and emergency lighting.
  • The circus tent and rows of seats fit in 2 16-meter long 32-ton semi-trailers.