Compagnie Les Colporteurs

Les Colporteurs

The company Les Colporteurs run by Agathe and Antoine, has been leaving its mark since 1996 in the world of contemporary circus in France and abroad.


The Stars on tour 2019

As a poetic and meaningful object, the structure-sculpture “Étoile” (Star) was created in 2007 out of the complicity between tightrope walker Antoine Rigot and set designer Patrick Vindimian. L'Étoile has become a source of inspiration, the world of several short tightrope shows which make up an original corpus, while they each have their own specificities.

Today the following are available on tour :

- Le Chas du Violon (2015), Read the file

- Evohé (2016), Read the file

- Méandres (2018), Read the file
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All Audience from to 3 years old : TOYO !

Show from 3 years old.

"Tchi-tchi-tchi! A mysterious sound puzzles Gillou, a tight-rope walker/contortionist…
He draws closer and discovers Toyo.
Toyo is a cold and stiff yet hollow construction hose… what a boon!
Coline the violonist, make sing Toyo ; all sorts of sounds seem to come out of him…"

Available now !

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