Les Etoiles #3 & #4 on tour - Evohé & Le Chas du Violon

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Les Etoiles #3 & #4 on tour - Evohé & Le Chas du Violon

L'Etoile is a construction floating in space, beyond the limits of weightlessness, a sculpture/structure made of steel tubes and taught cables.
It originates from the not improbable meeting between a stage designer scenographer creating poetic technological structures and a tightrope walker dreaming of taught wires floating in space. An invention of their imagination : a dream called « Etoile ».

L'Étoile is the name of the self standing sculpture/structure, but also the generic name for a collection of short plays.

Evohé & Le Chas du Violon will be on tour on september and october 2017 :

2017 september, 8 in Padova (Italia)

2017, september 16 in St Jean d'Angély (17)

2017, september 30 & october 1 in La Courneuve (93)

2017, october 7 in Saint Denis (93)

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